St. George Oratory Fund


We're raising funds to furnish our chapel

The Saint George Educational Trust is working to establish a rural headquarters for its work which is envisaged to include a Catholic library, a Distributist archive and study centre, a conference room, training facilities to teach practical skills to help develop Catholic social initiatives and to learn practical skills in agricultural and building trades, a small working farm and, most importantly, an oratory where Mass can be celebrated for the Trust's supporters.

We already have in storage several liturgical and sacramental items that will help equip and furnish the chapel, including a pre-1955 Altar Missal, antique Missal stand, near-life size crucifix, an authentic relic of the Holy Cross and some wonderful statues.

Are you able to help us with this project?

Donations of liturgical and sacramental items will be very welcome. So too financial donations to help us purchase the necessary items to equip the chapel. The more money we can raise for this project, the more wonderfully the oratory will be able to reflect the glory and honour owed to Our Lord God.

If you can donate by bank transfer our account details are as follows:

Account Name: The Saint George Educational Trust
Sort Code: 20-45-45
Account Number:10765287
IBAN: GB15 BUKB 2045 4510 7652 87

Or donate by PayPal.

Our PayPal account name is:


  1. Very happy to help; but where is this chapel, who is the priest, which jurisdiction,can we go to it, if we give money can't we go to the Oratory ?

    1. The chapel will be situated at a property that SGET is working towards setting up as its headquarters. The chapel will be a private oratory reserved for the use of SGET's supporters who may be visiting the property to take part in SGET activities. Use of the chapel will be available to any Catholic priest who has an interest in promoting the social teaching of the Church and who is supportive of SGET's work. A pre-1955 missal will sit on the Altar.


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